Sunday, November 28, 2010

blog about it, bitch

There are two reasons I'm writing this. 1. I hope you'll read it. 2. I know you won't.

You have an important event coming up. A sort of pre-graduation ceremony that will show the world what you've accomplished in your extra long stay at college. For weeks I've promised to come. I have already picked out my outfit. Coming to this thing of yours would involve two things: skipping class (which will result in my grade dropping by a third. Don't you hate how professors can do that?) and walking to my least favorite part of campus. But I was willing to do it for you anyway, and cheerfully. But of my countless (countless!) performances, events, etc. in our countless years of knowing each other, have you ever come to one? If you have to ask, the answer is a resounding hell, no. So I'm not coming to yours.

All wit and rhetoric aside, you were a terrible lover and even worse friend. I want my Calvin Kleins back!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The morning after

This morning marks my second morning as a 20 year old. I wish it was still my birthday...
Since coming home, I've picked up some of the books on my shelf that I love, but didn't love enough to pack up and take to the apartment. Not sure why this one was left out, though.

Which reminds me of my (what I like to call) striking resemblance to Billie Piper. What do you think?

I remember getting this book one year from Cheli and how she said I could just have it, because it's the worst book ever. Well Cheli, you are right, but it's one of my top favorite guilty pleasures.

dimanche, le 21 mars
I want so very little out of life, really. All a girl asks for is
  • a haircut that looks the same regardless of wind speed or direction
  • to be smiled back at, by people I smile at
  • shoes that make you look taller, and look nice, and can be used for actual walking
  • for only disabled people to park in disabled spots
  • instant mastery of all things kitchen-related
  • a bit of sunshine now and then
  • a worldwide ban on polyphonic ringtones
  • a worldwide ban on phones which give you no options save a polyphonic ringtone
  • a cessation of all suffering, backdated to the beginning of time

Ah, to be English! Now I am off to go work my first Black Friday (am I supposed to put that in caps?) at White/Black. Think of it as inspiration to graduate college...

Oh and another thing. I am disturbed by husband/wife blogging duos. Scary. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

how come Oprah gets to do it?

On my birthday eve, I would like to offer you a published list of my favorite things as well. Oprah shouldn't be the only one with this pleasure!

10. Nars lipgloss in Orgasm
9.  Nahari silk veils for belly dancers
7. Stella McCartney running shoes (even though I'm not a runner...)
6. Club soda with lime
5. Hot yoga
4. Growing a mint plant
3. Midsummer Night's Cream from Trader Joe's
2. Fish tacos from San Juan Cafe (and the guacamole)
1. 2011 Cadillac STS

And an honorable mention goes to: Robin's Jeans with the angel wings on the back...

my first time

So a few things today. My birthday so far has been better than any other birthday. Thanks to Patrick darling for the Frederic Fekkai set, henna kit, evening massage (Josh Lentz is one of the best masseurs in 910), spa morning (Steffanie Mahon at Ki was grrrreeeat) and lunch at Our Crepes and More (go there if you haven't. the charming Frenchman should be reason enough, but the crepes are delicious)

Got the new Girl Talk CD also and it's pretty good. My favorite is Let it Out.  get it at

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm excited to bring my Hanae and Tom to experience a rill dill American tradition. I'm already prepared. You know what I mean....