Friday, November 26, 2010

The morning after

This morning marks my second morning as a 20 year old. I wish it was still my birthday...
Since coming home, I've picked up some of the books on my shelf that I love, but didn't love enough to pack up and take to the apartment. Not sure why this one was left out, though.

Which reminds me of my (what I like to call) striking resemblance to Billie Piper. What do you think?

I remember getting this book one year from Cheli and how she said I could just have it, because it's the worst book ever. Well Cheli, you are right, but it's one of my top favorite guilty pleasures.

dimanche, le 21 mars
I want so very little out of life, really. All a girl asks for is
  • a haircut that looks the same regardless of wind speed or direction
  • to be smiled back at, by people I smile at
  • shoes that make you look taller, and look nice, and can be used for actual walking
  • for only disabled people to park in disabled spots
  • instant mastery of all things kitchen-related
  • a bit of sunshine now and then
  • a worldwide ban on polyphonic ringtones
  • a worldwide ban on phones which give you no options save a polyphonic ringtone
  • a cessation of all suffering, backdated to the beginning of time

Ah, to be English! Now I am off to go work my first Black Friday (am I supposed to put that in caps?) at White/Black. Think of it as inspiration to graduate college...

Oh and another thing. I am disturbed by husband/wife blogging duos. Scary. 

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